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chris matthews sounding sensible?

I certainly have my share of conservative tendencies, and often find myself agreeing with Republican policies, but I simply cannot join them (though to be fair, I often feel the same after hearing Michael Moore, et. al sound off).

Media loser Chris Matthews proves that if you give a monkey 100,000,000 hours of cable news broadcast time you’ll get one Colbert-esque “nailing” moment when he takes it to a partisan hack — in this instance, Kevin James. You see, James wanted to defend Bush’s recent comments criticizing “someone’s” interest in negotiating with bad guys, which Bush equated with appeasement of Hitler.

Unfortunately, while Mr. James is keen on defending on Bush’s criticism of Allied appeasement in WWII and appeasement in general, Mr. James has no idea what Neville Chamberlain did , or what appeasement even means. Though to be fair, Mr. James is correct in his rebuttal that he didn’t bring up the Hitler analogy (Bush did); still that isn’t a very convincing argument when you remember that James has just spent the past three minutes on the broadcast yelling about the evils of appeasement, while blissfully unaware of the primary justification for dismissing appeasement as dangerous and self-defeating. This is up there with Colbert nailing the Congressman who wanted to put the 10 Commandments on public property when he couldn’t even name them.

Negative points to Matthews for having this joke of a radio host on his show. Positive points to karma for nailing that annoying know-it-all moron who somehow made it “big” while being as dumb as a log. Man I hated that kid. (If I could, I’d make this post “fair and balanced” with a similar critique of the pompous ass hippie liberal, but those guys simply don’t dominate the air waves in the same fashion; suffice to say, I’ll be ordering an Ingrid Newkirk sandwich in a few years).


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