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step back to step forward

I’ve enjoyed blogging on current events and policy issues as new happenings and writings trigger responses that end up being blog posts, but I’ve found it a bit frustrating. The idea of spinning my wheels, repeating myself on the same issues bores even me. I would like to make a point, record that point and the supporting evidence, and move on — drawing on that point when useful in further discussions.

That’s a bit problematic. The blog medium has become (needlessly) something of a disposable art. Written, sometimes read, and forgotten; it’s no surprise that bloggers repeat their main points in slightly altered forms, like a late night TV host who provides the same slightly off-kilter angle on daily events.

I’ve neither the time nor the interest in disposable reporting. I would like to isolate some of the larger issues of the day and explore the validity of potential solutions. This means updating the blog with any new arguments or developments in the issue area, expressing my perspective, and isolating and exploring disagreement.

To this end, I’ve signed up for, a social bookmarking website that allows you to “tag” webpages with titles, descriptions, and labels (e.g., immigration). I am in the midst of converting my posts and the articles I’ve shared through Google Reader into labeled delicious entries. It’s quite a process, but I think worth it. It will allow me to systematically accumulate knowledge and understanding of particular issues, and hopefully allow this site to serve as a medium for acknowledging the valid points on both sides of the argument, and debating the points of contention.

Furthermore, I hope some will find it useful for finding interesting points of view on the topics found on this blog — from cognition to immigration to trade to health care.


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